Dr. Titus practices Complete Dentistry which emphasizes a comprehensive, individualized approach to a patient’s dental care, beginning with prevention and early intervention. We believe that optimal oral health consists of:

1) stable jaw joints,

2) an absence of tooth decay,

3) an absence of gum disease, 

4) a stable bite, and

5) healthy supporting soft tissues.

We do not believe in pressuring people into treatment.  Our goal is to diagnose, inform, and recommend. We want to allow our patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. We believe in doing the least amount of dentistry possible to achieve and maintain health and stability.We strive to partner with our patients to improve and maintain health.  We cannot, however, do it alone.  We can coach but we can can't play the game!We believe that a natural smile is a beautiful smile.  Like a fingerprint, each smile is unique and particular to each person. We believe that with proper home care, minimal prevention, and early detection of any problems, most people can maintain their smiles for as long as they live. 



The Complete Dentistry that Dr. Alex Titus practices requires an understanding of every structural part of your chewing system, including your jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and teeth. In the long run, this could save you from years of pain, suffering and extensive costs for multiple and repeated dental work.   Analyzing the 10 structural and functional factors in the chewing system is the basis for every new patient examination so that Dr. Jonathan Titus can properly diagnosis and treat not only obvious problems, but also those that haven’t even shown signs yet! Did you know that most dental problems are not painful at first, but can be identified by a trained dentist before any symptoms or damage occur?

As a graduate of The The Dawson Academy, Dr. Jonathan Titus is one of only 10% of dentists in the country who practices the Concept of Complete Dentistry. He can identify the signs of problems before any symptoms or damage occurs, which means you can receive treatments in a more conservative and less costly manner.



Just like most professions, there’s a range of skill levels among dentists based on type of advanced education, training, and philosophy of patient care. The The Dawson Academy is an advanced dental education facility where dentists teach dentists to be better dentists.

Founded by Dr. Peter Dawson, The Dawson Academy teaches the Concept of Complete Dentistry. Although more time consuming for dental practices, Complete Dentistry results in more consistent, predictable and healthy outcomes for your oral health.

Dr. Dawson is one of the most respected and honored dentists in the history of dentistry. With a passion for teaching dentists to do it “right”, he developed the Concept of Complete Dentistry to provide patients with healthy, beautiful smiles that would function properly and serve them comfortably for the rest of their lives. With two best-selling books on the Concept of Complete Dentistry, Dr. Dawson has influenced tens of thousands of dentists to pursue a better outcome for their patients.